Monday, September 21, 2009

Blow Me a Trumpet

This is your day, and this is your Father's world. He created it just for you. You are an heir to the universe. Your only boundaries are your own perceptions of potential. You can reach father than your finders and leap higher than your doubt. If you lift you head and raise your hands, the clouds will run away. You are kissed. Didn't you know it.? Haven't you realized? That's why you are alive to show it. So show up an show off and show out. It is morning!

Never lose that child like belief in the impossible. The fantasies of the faithful dispel the myths of the frightened. Somebody blow me a trumpet! The races are about to begin, and the daughters of God are all dressed up. The have stripped themselves of the cares of this world. They have washed away the abuse of their childhood. They have demanded their inheritance, nursed their won babies, strengthened themselves, and prepared their feet to run.

They are sisters and brothers of the Cross, survivors of the secrets. The have lain awake trembling and even cried through the night. Some have screamed from bruised lips, assaulted bodies, broken hearts, betrayed trust! But what of the night ? That's right, what of it? Haven't you heard? It is morning. Sound the alarm.

Loosed? You'd better believe it. The are loosed from the tragedy of a long and dismal might. They are the sons and daughters of Abraham. They are people with a promise. Precious promises are waiting for loosed people who have made themselves ready to take the kingdom by force. No more forbidden fruit for them; they are taking a bite out of life. No more restrictions or inhibitions. Many have been held back by the fear of failure and rejection. Tell the critics the Father says, "Let My people go!" Only a foolish person would fight a man for his daughter when it is God the Father he will have to fight.

The trumpet has sounded. You are loosed!


Monday, September 14, 2009


Rest is for the purpose of restoration. It is not just because you're tired. It is during a time of rest that you replenish or receive back those things that were expended or put out.--T.D.Jakes