Monday, July 13, 2009

God's Operating Table

When the Scriptures declare that mean "always ought to pray and not lose heart." (Luke 18:1), they are speaking of living in a state of open communication with God, not necessarily jabbering at Him nonstop. Some people ramble on for hours on their knees and end up watching the clock, trying to get in a specified amount of prayer time.

We are called to live in a state of open-hearted communication with the Lord. Complete exposure before Him brings a sense of vulnerability, yet every one of us desperately needs someone t help us. someone who is able to understand our deepest issues.

Since you never think a thought or say a word that God does not hear and know, there is no need for a sanctimonious misrepresentation of who you are. No need for the strain of continual camouflage. You stand naked before Him in the same way a person lies naked on an operation table before surgeon. The patient is neither boastful nor embarrassed, but understands that their conditions is necessary to the relationship. Whatever the doctor finds in her body-either healthy or diseased tissue-is already present, and the patient must rest the conviction that the doctor possess the skill to perform the proper procedure.

Before your heart can be pure, God must flush away the corrosion and corruption that blocks the flow of His grace and mercy. The Greek word for purity, katheros, is the word from which we derive our English term, catheterize. This is a medical procedure used to cleanse, flush, or release fluids from the body. God is continually sending a deluge of His cleansing grace into the hearts of His children. But He can't clean or purify what you hid in the secret corners of your heart and mind.

My sister and brother, you will never worship God in the beauty of His holiness if you live in the shadows, wrestling with unconfused sin. Whatever you do, find your place in the presence of the Lord. He is always there, waiting to comfort and to heal.

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