Monday, July 6, 2009

You have been called out and separated by God. You were not created to be popular. You were not called to cliques or clubs. You were chosen to fin in the hands of God who has already accepted you.


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seye said...

Pookie Bear???????????????????????????????? Not that you were serious but...that was so soothing. I am sorry i haven't gotten back to you on the tag cloud thing. Please email me at seyekuyinu at yahoo I'd help you set it up.

Thanks for stopping at my blog. BY THE WAY, let me give you an explanation on what i wrote on Solitary Confinement. I tried to emphasis the 'double-edged sword' as the salvation for the caged mind! That was the idea.

Thanks for stopping by at my blog!


Lady A said...

You are cool peoples! U don't have to thank me. All is well. As far as Pookie Bear, lol, I was 4real cuz it seemed like u were going through the motions. No worries with the tag cloud. Been busy myeself and I figured u were too. It's cool, will email u asap!