Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Treasure Within You

Something inside of you has been locked up. God wants to unlock it. He knows what gifts and abilities and dreams He has put in you. He knows how to touch them and how to bring them out.
When you get beyond your low self-esteem and stop comparing yourself to other people, and you begin to accept what God has given you, then you are in a position for Him to bring to birth all He has created you to be.
There are things in you that have been overlooked by you, ignored by others, perhaps even ridiculed by some, but God calls those traits His treasure. And He wants to bring it forth.
Every man and woman alive is a treasure chest. Each one holds something God intends for them to use in fulfilling His purpose for their life. And in the process, they will bring Him glory. My brother, my sister, find out what treasure God has hidden in you, because the devil is going to fight you for it. He knows the treasure is there and he wants for his purposes. He wants it bad.
So many people today are fight the devil and don't even know why. It's because they haven't discovered the treasure that lies within them. The devil knows it's there. God knows it's there. So the fight is on.
Your treasure is powerful in God's service, and the devil knows it. What he doesn't know is that your treasure is also a weapon you can use to defeat him in your life. The devil will do anything the can to sabotage your self-esteem. He doesn't want you developing your assets because he doesn't want you to give birth to what God has put within you. Being loosed means that your treasure has been released. It means that the gift has been bound within you has been issued an emancipation proclamation. It means that you are free to blossom and bring forth fruit! When the treasure within you is loosed, you are at liberty to deliver God's purpose in your life.
Now giving birth may require intense effort on your part. You may have to push like a woman in labor. You may have to fill your cheeks with air and push with all your might. So get ready, son and daughter of the living God, and soon you'll hold a treasure in your arms.---T.D. Jakes

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